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Setup google calendar sync on iPhone OS 3.0 using CalDav

21 June 2009 One Comment

So I finally installed OS3.0 on my iPhone. Installation was smooth :)

One of the things I was looking for is to sync my Google calendars with my iPhone. You have two options to do that, I choose not to use the Microsoft Exchange option but using the CalDav synchronization. So here it goes:

Note that you have to repeat this for every Google Calendar you want to add, I dropped myself an email with the 3 calendars I wanted to add.

Navigate to:

Settings → Mail, Contacts, Calendars → Add Account → Other → Add CalDAV Account

You will now get a dialog that allows you to enter a CalDav server, user name, password & description. The dialog is a bit unclear since it will also allow other URL’s than www.google.com. In the server dialog add “https://www.google.com/calendar/dav/<CALENDAR_ID>/user”, where you replace <CALENDAR_ID> with your calendar code. To find you <CALENDAR_ID> go to your Google account, under “My calendars” click “settings”, click on the calendar you want to sync and then copy the Calendar Id next to “Calendar Address:”. This will be something like: sc24cdcqi9v8dcdc9n1cllgam8p7c8k@group.calendar.google.com.

When you are done click next and your account will be verified, if you now go to your calendar you should see that it is syncronized.

For more info on which option to choose also see the thread on Google Mobile Help

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  • Frank said:

    Thanks Chris, just the instructions I needed!