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[11 Jun 2009 | Comments Off on Convert id_rsa to putty .ppk | ]

Excellent article on how to convert a id_rsa private key to a putty ppk.
I just converted a key with a passphrase, the procedure is the same just enter the passphrase when PuttyGen asks for it.

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[13 May 2009 | Comments Off on Iceland 2009 | ]
Iceland 2009

From April 28 2009 till May 3rd 2009 we have spend a couple of days in Iceland. Hopefully this post gives you some useful information in case you are planning a trip to Iceland!
28th April
Today we boarded IcelandAir from Schiphol airport to Keflavik airport. A convenient time as we arrived in Iceland at around 15:00 which gave us the chance to immediately go to the Blue Lagoon, one of the tourist hot spots. You pay 20 euro to get entrance to the Lagoon and can even hire towels and swimwear …

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[13 May 2009 | Comments Off on Review of a dog sledding tour in Iceland | ]
Review of a dog sledding tour in Iceland

This should have been of the highlights of our short trip to Iceland. Unfortunately it turned out to be a big deception…
Before we left to Iceland  we booked a dog sledding tour with We booked for a tour on the glacier in the snow, unfortunately on the day we had booked to tour wheather did not allow us to go on the glacier. As an alternative they offered us a tour on the black lava fields below the glacier. We decided to go there the next day hoping that …

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[13 May 2009 | Comments Off on Review of a whale watching tour in Iceland | ]
Review of a whale watching tour in Iceland

Like most tourists in Iceland we took a whale watching tour from Reykjavik. We did not choose the well know company Elding but decided to go with a company which I found on the Internet called: Hvalalif. They offered a combined tour that included watching puffins and also a bit of sea angling! Both companies run their tour at around the same times. The boat that the guys from Hvalalif have is only a little faster than the one from Elding which give you a bit more time on the …

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[21 Apr 2009 | Comments Off on Dinner in the Thalys | ]

Just finished a 3 hour meeting in Paris and on the way back to Amsterdam with the Thalys.
What a great day! First they make me buy a new ticket for the Thalys because of a “technical” problem. Then the Thalys is late and we have to rush to make the meeting in time. Finally at the meeting I am sitting there with only french people so the meeting is French… Anyway, 8 hours travel for a 3hour meeting which I hardly understand.
Luckily dinner is excellent….